* Are you are seeing these pictures as they are intended to be seen ? * If your monitor is not calibrated properly you may not be seeing the accurate colours and shades in my pictures. Try calibrating your monitor. Adobe gamma is in your control panel to help you do this. As a rough guide, set your contrast to maximum and brightness to about 75%


Cat. Beautiful in more ways than I can say. 

I do my usual thing and take as many shots as possible before people get bored with me and a camera in their face and  hope that I get something that I can use. Out of twenty or so pictures, I got two that I liked, this is my second favourite. 

I still find interesting the concept of isolating people within a black background. A lot of my recent portrait work develops the theme. I love the 30mm f1.4 lens, it produces such gorgeous tones and colours. 

The photograph was shot in RAW using the Normal Priority settings on a Canon EOS 400d (Kiss X); F/3.2; 1/60 Sec; ISO 200; Pattern Metering Mode; 30 mm Focal Length; -0.67 (-2/3 of a stop) Exposure Compensation; Canon Speedlight 430EX off camera Flash with a Home Made 'Ring Flash' Diffuser.; Sigma DC 30mm F1.4 HSM SLD Lens. This picture was put together with Adobe photoshop CS3.